Greenhouse Sports coaches work full-time in secondary schools and sixth form colleges, special educational needs (SEN) schools and in our performance sports clubs, delivering over 70 programmes across London, Leicester and Portsmouth.

We focus our resources on young people who are disengaged, vulnerable or facing disadvantage. We only work in schools where at least two-thirds (67%) of pupils live in areas of high deprivation according to IDACI, or which are specifically for young people with special educational needs. We invest in these areas because we firmly believe in our model and its ability to make a difference in the communities with which we work.

Greenhouse kids walking, laughing, holding basketballs

Primary Schools

The Greenhouse Sports programme harnesses the power of sport to provide young people with an engaging and inspirational learning environment to improve their Social, Thinking, Emotional and Physical (STEP) capabilities. Working with primary school children gives us the opportunity to provide earlier intervention, supporting those in need from a younger age and for longer, through their transition into secondary school.

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Greenhouse staff and primary kids enjoying games in the playground

Secondary Schools

We have over 20 years’ experience in supporting young people through their education through intense sports mentoring in secondary schools, providing our young people with a highly qualified member of staff who is embedded within the school to offer 1 to 1 and group interventions through a range of sports.

Greenhouse Sports works to provide young people in school with a safe environment, improving their behaviour, attendance and attainment.

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