There is a hidden crisis for children making our work crucial, to an extent we’ve simply never seen before.

Why We’re Needed

Soaring levels of poverty and household stress means that millions of children simply don’t have the chance to play anymore – they’re living with anxiety from the moment they wake up. At the same time the Cost of Living Crisis (CLC) is causing a collapse in after school activities, so many children have no access to the opportunities many of us take for granted.

Greenhouse kids sitting on a bench holding basketball

There has been a 134% increase in child mental health problems as a result of the pandemic.

20 years of intensive high level sports coaching and mentoring has been constantly developed. We are leaders in our field – recognised expertise in how to use sport to engage, inspire and motivate children – especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Children who attend a Greenhouse Sports programme attend, on average, five more days of school than their non-Greenhouse peers.

A Greenhouse Sports coach is technically skilled and highly qualified. Our programmes do not just focus on excellent coaching – they develop the life skills of our participants. In an average year, Greenhouse coaches complete more than 11,000 hours of 1:1 and small group mentoring.

Greenhouse coach coaching table tennis technique.

A’isha’s Story

“I used to just sit on the side and watch people play games, I’d want to join them and have fun with them, but I knew I’d be in way too much pain…

I’m doing things now that I never thought I’d be able to do, and it’s because of coach Lulama.”

We believe it is not the lack of ability that holds young people back from success, but a lack of opportunity. Often where a person grows up can have a significant impact on his or her personal development and future life chances.
To help level the playing field, we use sports coaching and mentoring to support young people from across London to grow and learn and the impact of this has been clear since 2002 – more young people engaging in positive, healthy and productive activities during key times when they may be most at-risk.

For more about our impact over the last year, take a look at our annual review 2021-2022.

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