What we offer

A professional and highly skilled sport specific coach working full-time in your school – a role model extending beyond the PE curriculum to have a positive influence across the school.

Access to high-standard sports equipment for the chosen sport.

Greenhouse participant and coach having one-to-one conversation on a bench
  • A professional and highly skilled coach working full-time in your school – a role model extending beyond the PE curriculum to have a positive influence across the school
  • Access to high-standard sports equipment
  • 10 to 15 hours of bespoke intensive sports coaching and mentoring sessions which take place during the school day.
  • These small group and one-to-one sessions deliver our bespoke STEP Framework and sport for development.
Coach Masoor teaches cricket to the children at Eastlea Community School in East London
  • Rewarding children’s commitment to extra-curricular clubs with additional small group sessions.•
  • Behavioural challenges (the coach works with students who find it hard to control their emotions and behaviours).
  • Attendance concerns (the sessions promote changes in behaviour and commitment to extra-curricular clubs).
  • 5 hours of PE curriculum delivery per week focusing on Key Stage 3 with some GCSE or BTEC delivery and the opportunity to develop your teachers in the coach’s sporting area of expertise.

Sayna’s Story

“I would say the best part of having coach in my life is that he’s taught me so many things that I can use in table tennis, and also outside of table tennis in my day to day life…

The fact that I know Greenhouse always has my back helps me keep grounded, and I think it would help a lot of other kids as well.”

Greenhouse table tennis participant stands proudly with a smile.

Greenhouse coaches also provide

  • At least 4 lunch clubs per week, giving participants an opportunity to be active in a fun environment. These sessions can be focused on certain students or age groups on each day.
  • 5 hours of breakfast and after-school clubs which provide an opportunity to develop the participants’ technical skills further. There is a focus on competitive opportunities both within and outside of the school.
  • STEP delivery as well as sport for development. Participants begin to show commitment to the programme and develop the relationship with the coach. Being more active, the participants develop better physical and mental well-being.
  • Up to 5 hours of active and fun sessions each day for up 6-8 weeks of the school holidays. There will be opportunities to experience other sports delivered by secondary programme specialist coaches, attend competitions, festivals and enrichment activities. This provides a positive experience during the holidays when some students can be distracted by negative activities and behaviours, especially if parents have to be at work.
  • Opportunity to contribute to the success of your OFSTED inspection.
  • Exclusive opportunities with our corporate partners.

We’ll give you feedback

Schools receive an annual report detailing the programme outputs, the impact it has had on attendance and STEP capabilities, with case studies and photos of students.

Programme costs

Greenhouse Sports represents excellent value for money. In the successful partnership model we manage with schools, coaches deliver an outstanding full-time sports programme. Greenhouse Sports funds the majority of the programme, and we ask schools to contribute towards some of the costs; determined and agreed when establishing the school partnership. The programme costs include:

  • Coach salary (and national insurance)
  • Pupil costs including tournaments, events, kit, referees and prizes
  • Dedicated Programme Manager and programme support
  • Dedicated Programme Manager and programme support
  • Monitoring and evaluation, including an impact report
  • Coach CPD, mobile phone, IT support, travel and kit
  • Events, recruitment, volunteer support, publicity
  • Schools are expected to provide the sports facilities and supply anonymised student outcomes data such as attendance data

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