Thank you to players of People’s Postcode Lottery

Greenhouse Sports

We are delighted to receive support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery this year. As one of our longest and most meaningful champions, they have already helped thousands of London’s children who are at risk of falling behind in society to achieve their potential. Our 2021 award of £450,000 is helping to give 7,500 young people access coaching and mentoring through sport for a full year.

The generous support of players of People’s Postcode Lottery began 6 years ago, and since then they have committed £2.7m to our vital work.

We are incredibly grateful to players of People’s Postcode Lottery for their continued support over the past 6 years. Covid has made life in London for children from lower socio-economic backgrounds all the more difficult. Players of People’s Postcode Lottery are helping to make sure that we emerge from this crisis together, ensuring that poverty is not a barrier to reaching potential for any child. Thanks to players we are able to be there for our children, before the start of school until well after the school day ends, all year round.

- Bethany Kinsella, Greenhouse Sports Director of Fundraising

The players continued support could not come at a more needed time. Covid has highlighted the inequalities that low-income families face and the consistent gaps in support they have to overcome. Even before the pandemic, London had the highest poverty rates in the UK, and the rate is only rising with 28% of people live in poverty in London (2.5 million) compared to 22% in UK.[1]

Thank you players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

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