Celebrating a game-changing partnership with ING   

Published on December 14, 2023 by Ben Wyatt
Sport for Development

As our time as ING’s charity partner comes to an end, we want to take a moment to reflect on all that we’ve achieved during this memorable partnership. 

At Greenhouse Sports, our 22-year legacy is based on using the power of sports to change and enhance young lives. Through placing coaches in schools who provide intensive sports coaching and mentoring, particularly for those pupils from underprivileged backgrounds, we not only develop sporting skills but also instil essential life skills and self-belief in young people. 

Over the past two impactful years—from January 2022 to December 2023—the dedicated ING staff supported us through fundraising events such as marathons, art history tours, quiz nights, cricket tournaments, bake sales, and more. Overall ING’s team raised nearly £50,000, which has directly benefited 8,000 kids in our Greenhouse Sports community. 

However, the depth of the collaboration went beyond financial contributions. ING engaged in employability sessions, workshops, and mentoring, generously imparting career insights, offering advice, and helping with the transition into the working world for the young people we support.  

Some of the most inspiring moments across the two-year partnership with ING were the sports-based employability sessions. ING volunteers went into Greenhouse schools and taught our young people about their professional careers and experience. On the flip side, they also learnt from our young people – who guided ING volunteers through sporting activities – testing their leadership and communication skills and building confidence and interpersonal skills. 

This partnership was not solely about financial aid; it forged authentic connections and created meaningful impact. Together, we shared laughter, stories, and experiences that have left an indelible mark on the lives of Greenhouse Sports’ young people. 

Expressing her gratitude for this partnership, Malgorzata Kolakowska, ING CEO for the UK & Middle East, said “I’m immensely proud of what we’ve achieved through our partnership with Greenhouse. Witnessing our team’s engagement and the tangible impact on young lives has been truly inspiring. We aim to stay connected by continuing to introduce young people to the world of finance through our social outreach programmes.” 

Although this chapter is concluding, the connections made, and the enriching experiences will last. We extend heartfelt appreciation to all ING colleagues whose dedication has significantly impacted our cause. You’re forever part of our Greenhouse Sports’ ‘Team for Life.’ 

Are you a corporate partner wondering what the benefits of partnering with Greenhouse Sports are? 

Here’s what your organisation could gain: 

  1. Community Impact: Contribute to transforming young lives through sports-based programmes that enhance education and life skills among disadvantaged youth. 
  1. Employee Engagement: Provide meaningful volunteer opportunities for staff through mentoring and sports activities, fostering personal development and fulfilment. 
  1. Brand Enhancement: Showcase a commitment to social responsibility, positively influencing brand perception among stakeholders. 
  1. Skill Development Programmes: Empower young people by providing expertise through workshops or career guidance sessions. 
  1. Employee Well-being and Morale: Enhance employee morale and corporate culture by engaging in fulfilling philanthropic activities. 

Get in touch with our corporate team at Greenhouse Sports if you would like to find out more 

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