Record-breaking success: 2023 Summer Camps recap

Published on November 15, 2023 by Mimi O'Callaghan

Our 2023 Summer Camps were a huge success, offering more young people than ever a memorable experience. Like our in-school programmes, the Summer Camps aren’t just about sports, but have a huge focus on the invaluable mentoring experience our incredible coaches offer.

In 2023, our Summer Camps experienced significant growth. We witnessed a 30% surge in delivered hours, a 17% increase in attendance, and the successful delivery of 55 diverse programmes (up from 49 last summer!). Particularly rewarding is the surge in girls’ participation, soaring from 26% to 39%, highlighting the uplifting momentum in their involvement in our Greenhouse Sports programmes in general.

Our young people have a lot to gain from our summer holidays activity – completely free. An impressive 92% of those attending day trips said they’d highly recommend going on trips to others. The impact on their personal skills was huge, with significant percentages reporting improvements in both social and personal skills, fostering a sense of community and belonging:

  • 58% developed their determination
  • 56% developed better self confidence
  • 58% developed better problem-solving skills
  • 54% felt they developed leadership abilities
  • 59% developed stronger communication skills
  • 64% made new friends from a different school

One standout camp was the Norfolk overnight trip, which set a record for the largest overnight Summer Camp trip ever! With 109 of our young people in attendance, they were pushed out of their comfort zones, learning about their capabilities and the importance of teamwork. Notably, 85% made friends from different schools, and 84% tried new sports and activities, including exciting adventures like zip wires and beach trips.

Another special standout camp was a dedicated girl’s day promoting girls’ empowerment in sports. Girls from our various schools gathered for a day of tennis, running clinics, yoga, and an inspiring Q&A session with a female athlete. This event aimed to break stereotypes and encourage girls to excel in sports and life, underlining Greenhouse Sports’ commitment to inclusivity and personal development.

And that wasn’t all! Our young people took part in tournaments – some even being held at the prestigious Copper Box Arena, went on laser tag trips, took part in mental health workshops – and more! All in all, we’re delighted to have seen such a successful summer camp season for our young people – all offered for free, to enrich their summer experience and helping them develop key life skills to thrive.

What are our Summer Camps?

Greenhouse Sports Summer Camps are completely free and provide a safe and positive holiday environment for Greenhouse kids. Activities range from all-day coaching to occasional opportunities for day trips and subsidised residential activities. Please note that camp availability and activities depend on coach availability. If you have questions about a particular school’s Summer Camp offering, please talk to your local school coach.