More than sport

Published on May 31, 2024 by Mimi O'Callaghan
Campaign Fundraising

At Greenhouse Sports, we’re more than just a sports charity – we’re hope and opportunity to the young people we work with. To put it simply, we transform young lives through the power of sport and mentoring. For the next two weeks, you can help us make double the impact, with your donation going twice as far, thanks to the Champions for Children Big Give campaign!

Sport is our vehicle, but what we deliver is so much more. Our dedicated Greenhouse coaches don’t just teach technical skills; they inspire, mentor, improve their attendance and performance at school, and guide young people through life’s challenges.  

We operate in areas of high deprivation where young people face limited opportunities and significant challenges, such as poverty, absenteeism, gang activity and threats to their personal safety. Our coaches provide consistent, highly accessible support, helping young people thrive both on and off the field and achieve their dreams, with their impact lasting long after they leave the school gates. 

Greenhouse Coaches are embedded within the school system, providing consistent support and mentorship to students before, during and after school all year-round, and for years after that too.  

Our impact is deep and long-term – we’re in it for the long haul. And this intensiveness means that our coaches develop trusted relationships with our young people from their years of support, creating a positive, nurturing environment from which they can thrive.  

Sport is our vehicle. It serves as an inclusive, boundary-breaking medium to engage with our young people. But we’re not just sport. We’re so much more than that. 

Donate to us today and see your money doubled  

For the next two weeks, you have the opportunity to help us double our impact. Thanks to the Big Give campaign, every donation you make to Greenhouse Sports through the Big Give platform from 4-18 June will go twice as far. 

Whatever you can give, no matter the size, your gift to us is doubled. £5 becomes £10, your £100 becomes £200! 

This is thanks to two generous donors matching donations up to £7,500. We have the opportunity to raise £15,000 for our young people in this two-week window. 

Every pound counts. Your generous donation could be the difference in helping a young person stay in school and continue their education. 

Donate today, and be part of our Team for Life 

It takes a village to raise a child, which is why we bring together parents, coaches, schools, communities, and supporters. This forms our ‘Team for Life’—a dedicated community passionate about levelling the playing field and creating opportunities for young people to thrive.  

Do you want to be part of it?