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The Greenhouse Centre
Jason Sugrue
Jason Sugrue Director of Coaching
Private: Daniel Basterfield
Private: Daniel Basterfield Table Tennis Head Coach

“As a coach, I always try to support and coach young people in a way that will give them the best opportunity to reach his/her potential, I aim for them to be independent athletes that can add value to the community and settings they live in.¬†Success for me is when a participant no longer needs me. The journey is the most important part of our relationship and on this journey looking to teach the values that lead to success, commitment, teamwork, patience, resilience, communication and effort. These values helped me become British Men’s Champion with experience of World, Commonwealth and European championships.

Table Tennis and the community I played in helped me through some hard times and becoming a coach was a target very early on in my playing career, it proved a good decision with over a decade of coaching with Greenhouse Sports and over 100 national titles as a coach. Come join the journey with us at Greenhouse.”¬†–Coach Jason.

“I look for someone’s spirit, will and desire over skill. I believe my role as a coach is to help people find and show the best version of themselves in all aspects of their life. My philosophy as a coach is to create a hard working, fun and positive culture which everyone wants to be part of. The young people have a job to inspire me and I must inspire them. It is a two-way relationship but we must be ONE TEAM” – Coach Daniel.

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