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29th Feb – 3rd Mar 2024



Our annual RunForOne challenge is returning for 2024 and will be taking place between Thursday 29th February – Sunday 3rd March. We hope that you and your colleagues will lace up your trainers and get involved in this fun team activity for all abilities, wherever you are in the world.

An optional in-person launch event will kick off the challenge for those who are London-based. This will take place on Thursday 29th February – that’s right, Leap Day! You only get an extra day every four years… so make this one count and leap into action with RunForOne! More details on the launch event will be shared once you sign-up to the overall challenge.

The details

  • Date: Complete the challenge anytime between Thursday 29th February – Sunday 3rd March 2024
  • Location: Any (go global and compete with (or against!) your colleagues across the world!)
  • Challenge: As a team of 5-10 people (mixed teams are encouraged!), each person heads out for a one-hour run, logs the time and distance, and sends evidence to the Team Captain (e.g. screenshot from running app). Once everyone has run, Captains submit running logs to [email protected] – we’ll then calculate each team’s average distance and announce who ‘Won the One’
  • Donation: Suggested donation of £100pp (can be paid via invoice, BACS etc.)
  • Registrations: Team Captain’s need to register a team by completing the form below.

Any questions about the challenge or the launch event please contact [email protected].

Thanks in advance for your support, which helps thousands of young people stay engaged with school, achieve better results and positive futures.

RunForOne 2024 – Team Registration

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Teams must consist of 5 – 10 runners and ideally should be mixed. If you’re not sure how many runners you’ll have yet that’s fine, just put any number down and you can change this closer to the time.
This will be taking place in Central London on Thursday 29th February (Leap Day) from 6pm. Make this extra day count by leaping into your trainers and joining other runners at this year’s RunForOne launch event! We will share more information on the launch event once you have signed up.
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