Child Protection

Greenhouse Sports is committed to safeguarding children in sport and physical activity and we take our young people’s welfare very seriously.

We work hard to ensure best practice is followed across the organisation, and have a clear ‘Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy’ & ‘Safeguarding Code of Conduct’  which outlines good practice guidelines, our code of conduct, and gives guidance on abuse, photography, communication etc.

This policy extends to all our partner organisations and we work with them to ensure a consistent child protection policy operates across all programmes.

You can download and view our policy below and you can also follow the link to the Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU).

If you want to contact us about anything relating to child protection please contact our Designated Safeguarding & Child Protection Officers on 0208 576 6118 or by email below.

Louise Staples
Email: carolyn.daniel@greenhousesports.org

Chris Allbut
Email: chris.allbut@greenhousesports.org

Our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy (4 KB)
Our Child Protection Code of Conduct (915 B)
Child Protection in Sport (NSPCC)
Safeguarding Adults Policy and Procedure (4 KB)
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Our Designated Safeguarding Team
Lead Officers – Chris Allbut & Louise Staples
Centre Safeguarding Officers – Peter Le Rossignol, Jason Sugrue & Daniel Basterfield
Assistant Officers – Sarah Louis, Katie Couchman, Andy Sheen