20 years of Greenhouse Sports – let’s level up the life chances for 4 million UK children

Greenhouse Sports

Charity launches 20th Anniversary year with a bold call to level up the life chances for 4 million young people

This year marks 20 years of Greenhouse Sports.

The charity has published a film to showcase how in 20 years Greenhouse Sports has helped young people rise and realise opportunity that many thought not open to them.

The film tells the story of former Greenhouse youngsters, now young adults pursuring their chosen professional careers, and the difference Greenohuse Sports made to them. And still does.

In 2002 Greenhouse Sports launched on the vision and fierce sense of purpose of founder Michael de Giorgio.

Beginning on a football pitch in west London with a couple of volunteers, a bag of footballs and a passionate belief in the power of sport to change lives, Greenhouse Sports started coaching for local kids who otherwise had none.

We are very proud that in 20 years our charity has worked with more than 50,000 children in London, keeping them engaged with education, helping them achieve better results, better jobs and a better future.

Our magic is the Greenhouse Coach, unique individuals who are sports coach, trained mentor and role-model combined – they engage with young people through sport, and teach them the life-skills they need.

There are 4 million children just like these across the UK right now who are missing out on opportunity and we have proven there is a way to level-up their life chances.

Help us support another generation of young people as we look up and ahead to our next 20 years. #TeamGreenhouse

#sportfordevelopment #sportforgood

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