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Founded in 2002, Greenhouse Sports is a London-based charity committed to using sport to help young people living in the inner city realise their full potential. Our coaches work full time in schools and the community to provide outstanding sports programmes that nurture Social, Thinking, Emotional and Physical (STEP) skills to equip young people for life.

We have worked with over 35,000 young people. We currently operate 36 programmes in secondary schools and 10 in schools for pupils with special education needs; we also run four community clubs. We tailor every programme to ensure it complements the needs of the school, the pupils, the staff and the local community.

We believe that every young person should have the opportunity to thrive.



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Aug 28
In focus: Phoenix Secondary School
We have been running a multisports programme at Phoenix Secondary School in Tower Hamlets since 2011. The school aims to offer a positive, life-enhancing education for young people with severe language and communication difficulties whose needs lie within the within the autistic spectrum. By providing opportunities for Social, Thinking, Emotional and Physical (STEP) development, Greenhouse... Read more »


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We are always looking to build our existing teams and we are keen to expand opportunities for those who wish to volunteer.

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