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It helped me to find out that I had the abilities to be a good leader...it was effective in bringing out the best in me. As a member of the Youth Council, I hope to advance my leadership skills even more.”  

- Aqeel, Youth Council member and table tennis participant

Young people are at the heart of what we do, and now – even more – they have a voice to help further shape our work.

We created the Greenhouse Sports Youth Council and Youth Forum, which features representatives from our school programme participants, who provide feedback and help make decisions about issues that affect them. In our first year, coaches nominated participants to join the Youth Forum, and from there, Forum members voted a group of their peers into our Youth Council.


Youth Forum members meet twice per year to provide feedback and take part in leadership activities. Our members on the Youth Council take part more regularly, and so far they have enjoyed media and storytelling training, have developed and executed participant-led research to aid our impact measures, and have added to the conversation around the structure of our holiday camps and programmes.

The Youth Council has also worked with some of the charity’s partners to gain additional skills and opportunities that will help them succeed in later life.

We are fully committed to continuing to develop opportunities for the Youth Council going forward and are excited to see how the team evolves.

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