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UCL Academy

The Greenhouse Sports basketball programme at UCL Academy is supported by Blue Water Energy. Coach Peter has been running his programme at The UCL Academy for 3 years.


Peter Berenyi
Peter Berenyi Basketball Head Coach

“My main aim as a basketball coach is to help my players develop an independent mindset which allows them to find solutions to problems, accept mistakes and reflect on them to ensure continuous growth without fear of failure and mistakes. I like to coach by asking questions, these guided questions help the players to find the solution to a problem and become independent thinkers under pressure.

Since I was very little I wanted to become a teacher, my parents and grandparents were all teachers which probably had an influence on my career choice. I started playing basketball when I was 12 and by the time I finished my first degree I knew that coaching was the best way of teaching and influencing young people so I completed my Level 2 and have not stopped coaching ever since. Since my first coaching session, I have met numerous amazing coaches who have helped me to develop my coaching style and improve my knowledge about the game” – Coach Peter.