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Burlington Danes Academy

Burlington Danes Academy

Greenhouse Sports have been running a table tennis programme at Burlington Danes Academy for 10 years.

Henry Medellin
Henry Medellin Table Tennis Head Coach

Henry started playing table tennis in his home country of Columbia when he was 7 years old ultimately representing his country at international tournaments during his playing career. Henry began coaching when he was 18 years old, eventually becoming a University Head Coach and later at a development programme for company employees. He also coached primary school students before coming to the UK in 1998. He continued his playing career at one of the most successful clubs in England, playing in Division 1 and Premier League. He continued playing at international veteran tournaments up until 2010.

Henry started working as a Greenhouse Sports coach in 2004 and has been at Burlington Danes for the last 9 years. A lot of the success of Henry’s programme comes down to his unique style of rapport building with his participants and across the school community.