Welcome to 'This Is My Playbook'. Created by Greenhouse Sports, we invite you to hear from a host of inspiring people from across the canvas of life - sport, business, the arts, education and more. They will tell us about who and what inspired them, as well as what they want to share and pass on. Some guests are known to millions and are household names, some not in public life at all but their stories and inspirations are no less extraordinary.

This podcast is proudly supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery who have awarded Greenhouse Sports more than £2.2m to help more young people from disadvantaged backgrounds access life-changing coaching.


EPISODE 7: WITH Angelina Harrison

EPISODE 6: WITH Simon dent

EPISODE 5: WITH Greenhouse Founder Mike De Giorgio

EPISODE 4: WITH Lulama musti de gennaro

EPISODE 3: WITH Ama Agbeze

EPISODE 2: WITH Lord Sebastian Coe

Episode 1: with Jason Sugrue - director of coaching

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