Run For One Challenge

Date / Time 09/03/2023 — 12/03/2023
Any time
Location Any - Go global and compete with (or against!) your colleagues across the world!
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As a team of 5-10 people (mixed teams are encouraged!), each person heads out for a one-hour run, logs the time and distance, and sends evidence to the Team Captain (e.g. screenshot from running app). Once everyone has run, Captains submit running logs to [email protected] – we’ll then calculate each team’s average distance and announce who “Won the One”.

Suggested donation of £100pp (£500-£1,000/team) for taking part in #RunForOne (can be paid via invoice, BACS etc).

Team sign-up form will be available on this page soon!

Any questions? Contact us at [email protected]

Want to make your challenge a bit more interesting…?

Run together – Agree a set time and day when everyone heads out for their run together or starts from the same point and sees how far each of you can get.

Go global – Invite teams and colleagues from around the world to join in with this virtual challenge.

Get creative – Can you create a run route that makes a picture or spells out your name, your company’s initials or your team name? Inspiration and tips here.


Greenhouse Sports is a charity committed to the belief that every child deserves a fair chance to succeed in life. We provide disadvantaged youth with intensive coaching and mentoring to improve their engagement with school, academic attainment and to develop essential life & employability skills.

The crisis of children living in deprivation in London is real and it is urgent.

Growing up in poverty puts a good childhood at risk, threatening secure relationships and a decent education. In London alone, there are currently 800,000 children growing up in poverty. Greenhouse Sports gives these young people an opportunity, and in many cases their only opportunity, to participate in sports, physical activity and mentoring, as children from the poorest families are 3 times more likely to not participate in any extra-curricular activities compared to those from wealthier families.

At Greenhouse we employ a team of frontline coaching staff who are based permanently in primary, secondary and Special Educational Needs & Disabilities schools across London, delivering mentoring and coaching all year round. Every year, we give over 8,000 students connection to a trusted adult, the physical and emotional benefit of sport and the life skills that will help them make the most of opportunities beyond school.

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