Announcing our Youth Council!

Greenhouse Sports

Greenhouse Sports held its very first Youth Forum event at Burlington Danes Academy during the February half term. The event was a huge success, with 52 young people from 16 different programmes in attendance. Participants worked on their communication, teamwork, and presenting skills in workshops led by the Fundraising, Impact, Marketing, and Programmes departments.

Nominated by their coaches for their exceptional levels of dedication, the young people who attended will form the Greenhouse Sports Youth Forum. The Youth Forum will provide a vital link between the young people and the organisation, enabling its members to give feedback in order to influence decisions made by the charity.

Director of Programmes Jason Bacon says: “It’s brilliant. The youth are going to tell us about our programmes and help us develop them for the future, at the same time as developing life skills themselves outside of a sporting context”

Attendees were also in with the chance to be elected as the Youth Council by their peers at the end of the day. After careful consideration and a vote, we are so pleased to share that we have elected our Youth Council.

Some of the young people shared their inspiration for wanting to be on the Youth Council:

“We can change society just as being females and playing sports. I want to bring that awareness to the rest of the world.”

“I would like to join to Youth Council because I would like to promote tennis to other students, as it’s not as popular as some of the other sports but it’s so enjoyable.”

“I believe there are things that should be talked about by the Youth Council – its a great opportunity to share our opinions about certain things, such as international training and fundraising.”

This group of young people were selected by their peers for their strong communication and team work skills, plus their eagerness to be involved. The Youth Council will be ambassadors for Greenhouse Sports.

Basketball Head Coach Ian, attending on the day, says: “It’s really important that the young people are involved in the process of moving forward as an organisation. This organisation is built for and around young people and to have their input is really key. Not only this, but the growth and development for young people from being involved in something like this is monumental.”

 A huge thank you to all of the coaches and staff who helped to organise, facilitate, and run workshops on the day.

Stay tuned for more details about the members of our Youth Council and what they hope to accomplish.









Being in table tennis helped me develop more skills, so I believe I would be able to contribute ideas and bring forward other people's ideas, not only my own.

- Youth Council Member

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