Meet Theo, 13, who donated funds from his Bar Mitzvah to Greenhouse Sports

Avatar Greenhouse Sports

Greenhouse Sports is enormously grateful to all of the many donors who choose to support us and the work our coaches do with those from London’s disadvantaged communities. This month we were especially inspired when we received a donation from a young Londoner called TheoTheo is of a similar age to many of those supported by Greenhouse.

“I wanted to give some money to charity and sport has been quite a large part of my life,” explained Theo. “My Dad introduced me to Greenhouse Sports and showed me some videos of the Centre and the coaching and I liked it and wanted to help.”

As Theo says, he’s keen on all sorts of sports with rugby, table-tennis and trampolining just some of the sports filling up his spare time.

“I like that what Greenhouse does is so inclusive,” says Theo, commenting on the coaching. “I just really like how they encourage and involve everyone.”

Thank you Theo! Your generosity and support is so important to us and to all the young people we work with.