Yasna’s week of work experience

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Greenhouse Sports table tennis participant, Yasna, joined us in the Greenhouse Sports office last week for work experience. She was introduced to each team and helped out with a variety of tasks, learning what goes on behind the scenes of her table tennis programme. Yasna reflected back on her week in the office…

Why did you choose to do work experience with Greenhouse Sports?

I play table tennis for Greenhouse Sports and I really wanted to know how the whole system is run and what the different departments do. I also wanted to know what it feels like to work in an office. I always choose to do things related to physical sports, but I thought it would be good to try something different and see if I liked it.

What kind of work did you help with?

I made two presentations using PowerPoint for the events team and used Excel to plot data and collect information for the programmes team. I scanned forms and organised folders on the computer for the IT department. For the fundraising team, I created a lot of prospect files which basically collect a lot of information about different charities and what their strategies are etc. I also sorted out kit and Greenhouse equipment. I also made a collage for Ernest Bevin’s notice board with all their achievements and pictures in the background.

What skills did you use/learn?

My computer skills are a lot better. I didn’t really like using Excel before but now I’m ok with it and know how to do more things on it. I used my organisation skills sorting out folders and the cupboard. I may be fast with my bat whilst playing table tennis, but I always thought I might not be quick enough for work like this, but I always asked for more things to do, which I think is good because I was finishing the tasks in good time.

Which tasks did you enjoy the most and why?

I enjoyed all the tasks because each task helped me improve on different things and I felt encouraged to do them because there were other people in the office doing things a lot harder, which encouraged me to do my best.

What did you learn during your week in the office?

I learnt how my table tennis training and coaching is run, how Greenhouse Sports set up different programmes in schools and what is going on behind the sport I play. I learnt how the Human Resources department interview people for jobs as coaches and how they pick who is best for the job. I also learnt how the fundraising team collect information on funders. But most of all I learnt how kind the people are towards each other.

What has been the most positive part of the week?

I think all my week has been positive because nothing bad happened and I completed most of the tasks I was given and had a great time doing them.

What are your goals for when you finish school?

My main goal is to become a professional table tennis player who plays for England and goes to internationals. I also have an interest in business and having my own business is also something I have in mind. If I keep playing table tennis though, business will just be another option for me because I feel much stronger about being a professional player. If I train hard and get into the national team, then I will be the happiest I could be.

How long have you been on the Greenhouse Sports programme at Morpeth?

Nearly three years.

Why did you like the Greenhouse Sports programme?

It’s helped me become the player I am because without Greenhouse Sports my school wouldn’t have professional coaches and I wouldn’t be playing table tennis. It has also made me a better person because I received the Jack Petchey Sports Achievement Award for my leadership skills in table tennis and coaching the other girls in my team. The programme has also helped a lot more people get into sports and it encourages people to do better things.

I’m really thankful for this opportunity that Greenhouse Sports have given me. I’ve had a great time and I really appreciate everything everyone in the office has done for me and for helping me out.

Thanks for all your hard work Yasna!