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“If it wasn’t for this opportunity, I probably never would have taken part in a challenge event like this.” – Jessica

With around two months to go until Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 46, we took a trip down to Clapton, East London, to find out how three of our riders are getting on. Andre, Jessica, and Nell chatted with us about training, Nicola Adams, and what they hope the challenge will teach them…

Andre, 18, is one of Greenhouse Sports’ apprentice coaches, training at Lister School and Clapton Girl’s Academy. As part of his training, he’s been cycling to work.

“It takes me about 50 minutes each way. I used to cycle on my old bike, but since I got my new one from the PruGoals launch, it’s much better!”

Nell, 16, is a student at Clapton Girl’s Academy and has been a participant on Coach Fe’s basketball programme there for four years. She has been integrating her cycling into everyday life, as well as going on longer rides.

“I cycle to school and back every day, and every weekend I cycle for an hour and a half with my dad. I’ve been surprised at how hard it can be – in the hour and a half, we rode 18 kilometres. On the day, it’s over 70!”

Jessica, 18, is also a student at Clapton Girl’s Academy and has been on the basketball programme for six years. She agrees with Nell that the ride will be a challenge, but remains positive.

“It will be hard, but it will teach me to continue even if I want to quit – to be resilient.”

Looking back to the PruGoals launch event, held at the LeeValley Velopark in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the trio found meeting Nicola Adams to be inspiring. Nell says:

“The fact that she’s doing the ride alongside us is amazing.”

Andre also found the event useful in a practical sense: “I really liked when they taught us about the about the bike. I didn’t know how to use the bike they gave us, so it was really useful.”

They have plans to continue training together as a group, organised by Coach Fe who is also participating in the ride this year.

Now thinking about the future, and the day of the ride, Nell says:

“I want to push myself so that I can complete it. Knowing that I can do something that big is going to be really good. I think it will teach me that hard work and training does pay off. It will give me a great sense of actually doing something, of being productive.”

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