My experience supporting Greenhouse: A letter from our John Lewis volunteer

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In the spirit of Volunteer Week 2017, we would like to share this letter from one of our volunteers, Jules Joseph.

Jules came to us as a volunteer from John Lewis through the Golden Jubilee Trust. The Trust is a scheme of awards that allows employees of John Lewis to give practical assistance to UK charities for up to six months. As all costs are covered by the Trust, the employee still receives their salary whilst volunteering for the charity and their department has the funds to provide replacement cover.

Jules worked in our head office, helping with the events, programmes, and impact teams. Whether it was providing invaluable support during our annual dodgeball fundraiser, helping with the organisation of our Youth Council, or just providing a sunny outlook and willingness to get involved, Jules truly made an impact in the three months she spent with us.

“Hi Greenhouse Sports,

I just wanted to give you my thoughts on my experience supporting Greenhouse.

Firstly, I have had an amazing experience working with totally different people in a totally different environment. Having felt a little demotivated before, it gave me different challenges and new things to learn. I am now re-motivated!

From day one, I was made to feel welcome and that I could be of use. It was great to be made to feel the same as any new starter when I had my induction. Arranging school programme visits and meeting staff from all areas was really nice, and useful to get an understanding of what others did.

For my skill set, it was great to be involved in different areas such as events, programmes, and training. I like variety and I have certainly had that. Others may prefer to stick with one project, but this worked well for me.

I feel privileged to have been involved with the fantastic work you do at Greenhouse Sports and I never realised how much work was involved.

I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to support at some events, and see the outcome of all the hard work that goes into organising them. I also feel appreciated to be asked for my personal feedback on events.

As part of my research in implementing the Greenhouse Sports CPD days for staff, I met some coaches, and I saw the passion and commitment they have for the young people and the programme. I had the opportunity to meet most of the coaches at the CPD day, which was fantastic – and they were all impressed that I remembered their names!

It was extremely rewarding to work on the Youth Council. Seeing so many young people come together was fantastic. I hope I am now part of the legacy of the Youth Council, which I’m sure will be a great success moving forward.

I really felt like I was part of the furniture, and that I was with you for much longer than three months. The office team were so friendly and helpful, and made me feel part of the team. I feel I settled in quickly and at a busy time, which was great as I was able to get stuck right in with supporting you.

Thank you for allowing me to do my Golden Jubilee secondment with you. I really hope that the other volunteers in the future enjoy it as much as me, and experience how satisfying it is to see what great work the charity does for young people.

I wish Greenhouse Sports continued success, and can build on this to make it even more successful.

I will be back to help with one more event, so I will look forward to this.

Best wishes,


Thank you for all of your hard work Jules.

To find out more about becoming a volunteer with Greenhouse Sports, please contact our volunteering team:

Email: naomi.curniffe@greenhousesports.org
Phone: 020 8600 9995

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