Look out for two Greenhouse participants on Albert Square!

Greenhouse Sports Greenhouse Sports

Brothers Tom and Alfie from Highshore School in south east London have been cast in EastEnders. Producers wanted to cast a young person with additional needs to be part of the show, and after meeting with a number of pupils, Tom and Alfie were deemed perfect for the roles!

Tom and Alfie are participants on Greenhouse Sports coach Joanne Sykes’s multisports programme. Greenhouse Sports programmes within a special educational needs (SEN) setting aim to break down barriers related to special educational needs and allow participants to be active in their communities. For some participants, our programmes present the only consistent opportunities for them to participate in sport and physical activity.

Featuring in EastEnders is an incredible opportunity for Tom and Alfie, whose first episode will be aired on 13 June. The brothers will form part of the Taylor family, newcomers to Albert Square who, according to EastEnders Executive Producer Sean O’Connor, are: “noisy, brash, and not-to-be-messed-with.”

We can’t wait to tune in!