What we can learn from Anthony Joshua

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Born and raised in north London, Anthony Joshua chose boxing over trouble with the law. Now crowned the British heavyweight champion after beating Wladimir Klitschko at Wembley Stadium, Joshua has inspired the nation with his rise to greatness from humble origins.

Anthony Joshua’s story is a testament to the power of sport in empowering an at-risk young person to harness his or her potential and channel it. His success teaches us that sport can change lives.

We place inspirational sports coaches in schools located in the most deprived areas of the capital. Our coaches work full time to deliver programmes that focus not only on the development of sporting skill, but the development of the participant as a person.

Ahmed is 14 years old, and attends a school in south west London. He is also the top judoka in England for his weight category. He is a member of the Greenhouse Sports coach’s Judo programme at his school.

He says: “Before I started Judo I was a different person. The sport has kept me out of trouble, how to help people, how to treat people.”

Xazal is 18 years old and attends sixth form in East London. She experienced behavioural issues growing up but one of the only people who could get through to her was her Greenhouse Sports basketball coach.

She says: “I used to be naughty. I would be loud in class and rude to my teachers. But then I realised that if I was in trouble, then I couldn’t play basketball.”

Isabel is 13 years old, and attends a school in south east London. Marisa attends every single Greenhouse Sports breakfast club, break time session, and afterschool club available.

Her coach says: “I’ve coached in a few different places in my life, and sometimes you find a kid who is different. She is that person. […] If her basketball got taken away, I don’t know what she would do.”

Greenhouse Sports provides these young people growing up in London with opportunity: opportunity to become great players, perhaps to one day achieve world champion status like Anthony Joshua. But also the opportunity to be listened to, to be part of a team, and to develop as people.

Joanna attends a school in north west London. About her Greenhouse Sports programme, she says:

“We are like a family. We look out for each other on and off the court.”