How to gain career experience and give back to London’s youth

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“I’m looking for the next step to progress in my career. This is helping me get experience for that.”

After his role at a bank was made redundant, Richard, 33, decided to pursue his passion for sport and nutrition. Taking the opportunity to go back to school, Richard earned his BSc in Sports Science and his MA in Exercise Physiology. To gain the experience required for roles in his new industry, Richard sought out opportunities to volunteer, one of which is at north-west London school Quintin Kynaston Community Academy. There, he works with Greenhouse Sports Head Coach Dodi to deliver strength and conditioning sessions to sixth form basketball participants three days a week.

“If you are willing to give up time and energy then the kids you work with will benefit, and you will gain experience towards your career.”

As part of his strength and conditioning programme, Richard creates bespoke training plans for each participant. These tailored training programmes target the individual strengths and weaknesses of each young person, and help them develop their technique and movement to ultimately benefit their basketball performance.

“If you can correct small things in their form, you can make a difference to their whole sporting career because if they do something wrong for long enough, they are more likely to get injured.”

This is the first time that Richard has worked with 16 – 18-year-olds. He explains that working with a variety of age groups is useful experience to include when applying for future roles, as well as being able to write exercise programmes targeted to basketball. At the same time, witnessing the progression of the young people is something Richard finds rewarding.

“It is good to see progression when everyone is moving forward on their testing. There’s one person who is the most dedicated, and who is also the strongest. He doesn’t necessarily have the strongest basketball skills, but he loves the challenges of the exercises that I give him.”

If you are interested in volunteering for Greenhouse Sports, please contact Naomi Curniffe at