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Greenhouse Sports STEP Framework

Greenhouse Sports constantly strives to improve its programmes and its ability to affect lives for the better.

The STEP Framework focuses on the skills at the heart of our mission: the Social, Thinking, Emotional and Physical skills that we seek to develop in our young people. We believe these 12 skills will help our participants to lead happy and healthy lives, and to act as positive social influences both at school and beyond.

StepMainstreamTableDue to the differences in the needs of our young people, the Greenhouse Sports STEP Framework is slightly different for our Special Educational Needs participants. By instilling the STEP skills identified below, we hope to help our young people with SEN to work towards independence wherever possible.

StepSENTableThe progress of our participants’ STEP skills is measured via self- and coach assessments, physical fitness and sporting skills tests, and case studies so we are able to better evaluate, and ultimately improve, our impact.