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case study // Xavier, Greenhouse London Pioneers

Xavier, Greenhouse London Pioneers

Why did you volunteer?

I love basketball and I’ve been playing for many years. When an opportunity came up through work I thought I’d be perfect to volunteer and I would be able to help the young people with my sports knowledge. I’ve also got a lot of experience from when I was an au-pair for a few years in the USA.

What do you most enjoy about volunteering?

I’ve enjoyed the whole experience from the interaction with the young people to the challenge of coaching them. I’ve always been a player and not a coach so I’m learning a lot from Dodi the coach as well.

Have you enjoyed working with the young people?

Yes it’s been great. Volunteering with them is a breath of fresh air from my normal office job. I’m really passionate about basketball so helping the next generation with my knowledge is very rewarding.

Have you built strong relationships with the young people?

Yes I think so. At first they were very quiet as they didn’t know me and they tested me. After a few sessions they seemed happy and started to listen to what I had to say. Now they ask me questions about how to improve their game and if they see me on the street they say ‘Hi Coach’ which is always nice to hear.