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case study // Sayce, 32, Greenhouse London FC

Sayce, 32, Greenhouse London FC

Sayce Holmes-Lewis is the coordinator for our 13-15 year old participant programmes and the club’s Community Development Officer. He works in close cooperation with local pupil referral units and mainstream schools. Sayce has been a constant presence at GLFC for over 15 years. He joined the under-18s in 1999, before successfully obtained a coaching qualification and joining the coaching staff as Team Manager of the under-14s.

Sayce grew up on the Aylesbury Estate adjacent to the club’s training ground at Burgess Park and still lives in the local area. He believes that this connection with the local community has helped him to earn the trust of many young GLFC participants.

“A lot of the kids have issues outside of the club, so it’s a place where you can get away from all that.  They come here to learn as much as they can as footballers and as people. It’s about learning discipline on and off the pitch.”