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case study // Joshua, 14, basketball

Joshua, 14, basketball

Many teachers had tried and failed to improve Joshua’s behaviour. His attitude and actions at school were a major concern and he was very close to permanent exclusion.

During a PE lesson, Greenhouse Coach Michael identified Joshua’s potential and invited him onto the basketball programme. In the beginning Joshua would get frustrated and lash out at team mates and the referee. When this happened his Coach would take him out of the game and speak to him about these frustrations

Over time the discipline of basketball coupled with Coach Michael’s mentoring, had a huge effect on Joshua’s behaviour. Joshua was given the responsibility of captaining his school team, building his confidence and giving him a positive focus. He now plays in the National League for the Greenhouse Pioneers.

Due to his completion of coursework, punctuality and being a positive role model, Joshua was rewarded with a week-long placement at a leading international basketball camp in Bosnia. Joshua now hopes become a Coach in the future.