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Blogs // Table Tennis // Tables turned as Greenhouse Sports young people coach older generation

Tables turned as Greenhouse Sports young people coach older generation

Raines coaching OAP at BounceGreenhouse Sports’ table tennis programme at Raine’s Foundation tried a little something different this month. After working hard all year, the students were treated to a day out at Bounce, ‘The Home of Ping Pong’, where they had the opportunity to coach a group of seniors who play regularly at the venue on Monday mornings.

“Whilst we taught them a little table tennis, they were given the task of imparting their wisdom to the Raine’s player on their table. Which meant they had to tell us something about their lives and something that would be important for the young people to learn at their age,” said Coach Maria. “It was fantastic.”

One achat sildenafil pfizer rezept of the Greenhouse Sports participants, Shaun (14) said: “When I was coaching the people, they listened well and tried to work hard in order to get better at the technique they wanted to improve on. The person I was with was old but very fit for her age and was probably more energetic than the younger people. She said that she understood everything that I said and that it was good coaching.”


Sue (73), who plays at Bounce regularly, said “At first I thought playing with such a young group of children wouldn’t look right, but as we played,  it was so much fun.  They not only played, they shared knowledge and skills. They are polite and respectful. I have learned a few tips too!”


Our mainstream secondary school programmes, like our table tennis programme at Raine’s, looks to find new ways to develop leadership skills and give our young people new opportunities to grow and learn. These programmes are generously supported by players of Postcode Lottery.