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Swiss Cottage School visit Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium

SEN Greenhouse Sports Arsenal Emirates Stadium

My name is Gabriel Odia and I am a Greenhouse Sports multisports coach at Swiss Cottage School. Our programme team recently took seven members of the boys football team on a scheme which consisted of a great three-day trip to play Solihull Moors Football Club and visit Emirates Stadium. The visit was set up in conjunction with Arsenal in the Community, Arsenal Football Club’s community department.

The trip was focused on teaching the Greenhouse Sports participants about how to develop health and fitness. We were supported by Greenhouse London Football Club’s Mulenga Chafilwa, who joined us to work on resilience with the team, followed by further work by myself on skills and staying positive.

As part of the work on maintaining a positive outlook, players had to think about what they and their team mates were good at on the football pitch, so that when they are having a hard time on the playing field (or in the classroom), they can think back to what makes them special and use that as part of their strategy for overcoming challenges.

This technique is also a fantastic way to maintain positive relationships within the group, reminding them of the positive things they’ve said about each other. The group also enjoyed a tour of the Emirates Stadium with an Arsenal in the Community representative, who showed them the team changing rooms with the famous football shirts hanging at each players’ place.

SEN Greenhouse Sports Arsenal Emirates StadiumSEN Greenhouse Sports Arsenal Emirates Stadium

We had really good feedback from the Swiss Cottage School participants, Amin said: “I was so excited about the scheme and going to visit the Emirates Stadium, I only got one hour of sleep. Gabriel is the best coach ever! I am so excited about the Emirates Stadium!”

Alfie said: “I liked going to the Emirates Stadium and playing in the football match. I liked all of it. It would have been good to play on the Emirates pitch. I think the holiday programme was really good.”

Boris said: “I liked playing a different school. I want to play the same team next time but play as more of a team.”