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Platanos participants step-up as referees and officials

A few weeks ago, Platanos College successfully hosted the final London Primary Schools 3 v 3 basketball qualifying competition of the season. It was an important competition, with the winner of the round qualifying to play at the National Final of the schools competition in Sheffield.

The tournament consisted of nine primary schools, with each school team fielding six girls or boys from either Year 5 or 6. With two games taking place simultaneously on each half court, all referring and table officiating was carried out by our Greenhouse Sports young people.

By the nature of the competition, coaches and players from each school were very competitive, and were constantly questioning a referee’s decisions when they did not agree. However, our referees remained composed throughout and did not give into any pressure from any of the coaches.

During a tense final match between eventual winners Vauxhall Primary School and runners-up Telferscott, the game went into extra time and Vauxhall won by just two points. Within this game, the referees showed courage and did not give into pressure from senior coaches, warning one individual coach with a technical foul if they were to continue questioning every call.

As a result of our young people remaining professional, showing leadership and maintaining constant communication within their team, the tournament was a huge success and thoroughly enjoyed by both participants and spectators.



Written by James Hussein – Head Basketball Coach at Platanos College