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Greenhouse Sports kids to appear in Lottery Good Causes advert

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As I walked into the building on a cold-November Thursday, the excitement of the table tennis team around me at Morpeth School told me this was no ordinary day for them. This was the day they were due to appear for a casting call for a Lottery Good Causes Christmas publicity video. Once it’s finished, the film will be a Matrix-style piece  – complete with special effects – featuring our pupils playing table tennis against sporting veterans as

a fun way of demonstrating the great charities the Lottery Good Causes gives money to. The kids were full of nerves and excitement as well as questions. In total we had eight of our table tennis team pupils appearing for the session.

After the casting session we were told that all our children had been chosen for the final film. So last week we went to Alexandra Palace for the shooting. When we arrived there we were treated like stars. There was a make-up team and a hairdressing team waiting to “transform” our participants. After a slap-up breakfast and having doors opened for us(!) we were taken to start the filming from 12pm – 6.30pm.

During both sessions, our kids were very comfortable and confident when they had to shoot the scenes. Although all our students will appear in the video, Nabilah Rifat from Morpeth School was picked to perform a starring role.

From my perspective, I found the day very productive and I was really proud to see how well our pupils interacted with everyone, including the veterans, in a very respectful way. We also had the pleasure of spending a day with two veteran world champions and

the kids got the chance to play them on a spare table.

This was an amazing experience for all of us including

myself, coach Ana Neves and our eight participants who were: Sarah James (Eastbury Comprehensive), Zahna Hall (Harefield Academy), Nabilah Rifat (Morpeth School), Tracy Simpson (a Coach Core),  Anthony Lynch (Morpeth School), Jamie Dignum (Morpeth School), Murhad Hussain (Morpeth School)and Curtis Welsh (Former Capital City and now volunteer at Morpeth School).