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News Articles // What makes Greenhouse Sports coaches special?

What makes Greenhouse Sports coaches special?

The ultimate aim of our coaches is to develop well-rounded young people equipped with the social, thinking, emotional and physical skills (see our STEP Framework for development) needed to live healthy and happy lives, and young people who can act as positive social influences in their families, their schools, and their communities. When we asked Coach Ashley, one of our table tennis Head Coaches, why he liked working with Greenhouse Sports, he said “I love helping and supporting young people to achieve their goals, I want to make a positive effect in the community that I work and live.”

Basketball at Brampton School - 18/5/12 - Picture : Frank Coppi

Greenhouse Sports coaches are all highly-skilled and exceptionally dedicated to the young people on our programmes. Many have a close connection with the area in which they are based having grown up or attended a school within three miles of their programme. Among permanent coaching staff, 20% were previously involved with Greenhouse Sports, whether as participants or volunteers before becoming a coach.

Greenhouse Sports coaches are an integral part of their schools and communities, their constant presence enabling them both to work closely with school staff and build strong relationships in their local areas. Many coaches start their day at 7am with a breakfast club – a great way to ensure that young people arrive at school for the start of the day’s teaching. Coaches also run lunch clubs and after-school clubs, engaging young people during ‘at-risk’ times for anti-social behaviour. They run peripatetic sessions in curriculum time, matches and tournaments at weekends, and camps in the holidays. Sessions range from one-to-ones to those involving over 40 young people.

Greenhouse Sports SEN

Almost a third of our permanent coaching staff have coached for over 10 years, while half have sport-related qualifications (including masters degrees) beyond those necessary for coaching. Many of our mainstream school coaches have coached at national or international level; more have played at this level, and some still do. Among those who have competed internationally, we boast coaches who have played for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Columbia, England, Nigeria, Portugal, and Wales.

Greenhouse Sports coaches are not only sports coaches – they are advisors, mentors, role models and motivators.

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