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News Articles // The Royal Foundation celebrates our apprentice coaches

The Royal Foundation celebrates our apprentice coaches

The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry  celebrated the graduation of apprentice sports coaches from London, at an event at The London Stadium attended by Their Royal Highnesses.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry joined 150 Coach Core apprentices in the former Olympic stadium, five years after the launch of the project in 2012, to celebrate the project. Coach Core helps young people develop solid career paths in sports coaching and go on to deliver quality training and mentoring in their communities.

Team London, led by tutor and Nathan Daly, were welcomed on stage by the Duke, Duchess and Prince Harry and cheered on from the stands by their Coach Core peers.

More than 30 apprentices have participated in London Coach Core to date, with 2,654 coaching sessions delivered totalling 25,740 individual coaching sessions for apprentices through partnerships with local employers and charities, including with Greenhouse Sports, West Ham United Foundation, Fulham FC Foundation, London Youth Rowing, Marylebone Cricket Club, London Rugby League Foundation and Snow Camp.

Coach Core was launched by The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry during the London 2012 Games to create opportunities in sports coaching for young people who may otherwise fall through the cracks between education and employment. The celebration at the London Stadium brought together current and graduate Coach Core apprentices along with the partners and employers involved in the project across the country.

During the graduation ceremony, His Royal Highness Prince Harry said: “It’s so appropriate that we are back here – five years after it all began, during the incredible summer of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

“At the time, William, Catherine and I were looking at the issues that we wanted to tackle together with our newly formed Royal Foundation. It was clear that all three of us believed firmly that sport could be such a powerful force for good.

 “We felt confident that for many young people, at risk of falling through the cracks, as they left school, sport could be the answer to keeping them on track or change the course their lives were already headed.”

Prince Harry also celebrated the apprentices on their graduation, adding: “You have dedicated yourself, alongside your fellow apprentices, investing blood, sweat and tears to become not just a great coach, but a great employee, mentor and leader in your community.

“I have no doubt that for those graduating, this will have been tough at times. Many of you have told us your stories – many of you faced hardships along the way, and some of you were even told you would not succeed.

“You should all be incredibly proud of what you have accomplished. Even more importantly, you should be excited about the futures you are now embarking on.”

Coach Core Ambassador and Tennis Coach Judy Murray OBE said: “I’m a big believer in investing in kids within this age range, I think this age group 16-24 year olds is often where kids who have no framework and no opportunities and can go completely off the rails.

“So I think to create these opportunities for these young people, who love sport and want to work it, to get the training then the work experience and have a job at the end of it is absolutely tremendous.”

Facts and Figures:

  • To date, 98% of Coach Core graduates have gone in to work or education.
  • Since 2012, 250 apprentices have taken part in Coach Core, joining more than 30,000 coaching sessions; meaning that the programme is responsible for well over 350,000 individual sessions of sport coaching and life skills.
  • 93% of people who started in Coach Core are either still part of the programme or have graduated successfully.
  • 80% of our graduates are coaching young people six months after graduation and 98% of Coach Core graduates are in employment or training.

Greenhouse Sports had three apprentice coaches this year through the Coach Core programme, along with a Junior Coach, who was continuing his coach training with us following his own stint on Coach Core. These four coaches were also generously supported by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, who believe in providing opportunities for young people to gain further skills and training to help them into employment.

We have partnered with the Royal Foundation on the Coach Core programme since its inception in 2012 and have seen the difference opportunities like this can make in the lives of our many young apprentices, who have now gone on to a variety of roles including coaching abroad and continuing education at university.

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