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News Articles // Our Impact Team wins another award!

Our Impact Team wins another award!

Imapct awardMembers of our Impact Team yesterday left Project Oracle’s annual conference clutching a 2015 Evidence Award. The award, one of only five available to charities working in the youth sector in London, recognises our innovative and rigorous approach to evaluation. Project Oracle – a children and youth evidence hub that aims to improve outcomes for young people in London – told us why we received the award:

“We were really impressed with your collaborative and dynamic approach to evaluation. We find that many organisations fall into the trap of a top-down approach to evaluation, but you avoided this through co-developing tools with your participants that are more likely to ensure their appropriateness and the participants’ engagement. You also avoided the common pitfall of a static evaluation report that gathers dust on the shelves, by feeding data back into your programme to help in its delivery.”

After the conference, Julie Mumby, our Head of Impact, expressed her delight at winning the award:

“I’m so proud that we’ve won this award! While last year we became one of only three (now four) charities validated by Project Oracle at Level 3 – meaning that our evaluation shows a consistent link between our programmes and our desired outcomes – this year we’ve gone one step further. The award not only recognises the hard work of the Impact Team, it also shows the importance placed on maximising impact by staff across the whole of Greenhouse Sports.”

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