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Greenhouse Sports featured in The Times

Greenhouse Sports  Table Tennis at Raine's Foundation School In Tower Hamlet's, London, UK

Greenhouse Sports Table Tennis at Raine’s Foundation School in Tower Hamlets, London, UK

Sports journalist of the year and Greenhouse Sports Trustee Matthew Syed wrote for The Times today about the impact Greenhouse Sports has on young people in London and the power of sport to change lives.

“Greenhouse wants to develop young people who are resilient, curious and capable of responding to the toughest challenges,” he writes. “Psychologists call it ‘growth mindset'”.

Growth mindset is a part of the ethos Greenhouse Sport coaches employ as they focus on using the principles of sport to help our participants develop additional life skills.

One of Greenhouse Sports’ table tennis coaches, Maria at Raine’s Foundation School, said of her programme: “Mental strength is a huge part of what I try to teach them. It’s about having a growth mindset that is open to change and learning.”

Read the full article from Matthew Syed, which originally appeared in the 9 November issue of The Times here.

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