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News Articles // Greenhouse Sports featured as a case study in NPC Report

Greenhouse Sports featured as a case study in NPC Report

Greenhouse Sports has been featured as a case study sport for social change charity in the recent New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) discussion paper: ‘School Report: How can charities work best in the school system?’

The paper explores the role of charities in the school system in England – the challenges they face and the benefits they can offer – and includes Greenhouse Sports as a case study within the section on ‘Improving Non-Academic Outcomes’.

There is increasing understanding that ‘non-academic development’ within schools –participation in sport, and social and emotional development – is essential to providing a ‘whole’ education experience that prepares young people for the transition to adult life and maximises future life chances. Greenhouse Sports is featured as a model example of a charity helping to provide this function within schools and our programmes are located in areas of high deprivation where these opportunities are particularly important.

From the paper: ‘Greenhouse Sports is a London-based charity that provides young people with the chance to engage in sport in their free time or during school hours, with a particular focus on disadvantaged communities. It operates in 36 mainstream secondary schools, 10 special educational needs (SEN) schools and four community clubs around London. In its work, Greenhouse Sports uses a framework that aims to build and evaluate the Social, Thinking, Emotional and Physical (STEP) skills of participants. 

The relationship between absenteeism and underachievement is well-recognised, and Greenhouse Sports uses sport as a tool for increasing the focus and commitment of students in the classroom to prevent non-attendance and low grades down the track. Greenhouse Sports found that around 60% of participants saw an improvement in behaviour after being involved with the programme for three years. It also reported higher levels of school attendance in Greenhouse students than other pupils.’


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