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News Articles // Nigel Bennett is named Burgess Sports’ Volunteer of the Year

Nigel Bennett is named Burgess Sports’ Volunteer of the Year

Congratulations to our dedicated volunteer Nigel Bennett who was recently voted Burgess Sports’ Volunteer of the Year in recognition of his on-going support of Greenhouse London Football Club. Nigel has been giving up his spare time for four years to come and coach at GLFC. Every Tuesday and Thursday, through rain or shine, throughout the season, Nigel will mentor and coach Greenhouse Sports’ participants. Nigel also gives up his Saturday mornings to help at matches and then travel to Lancing College (Brighton) to manage his old school team.


The young people Nigel has coached have learned so much more from him than just football skills. Having worked hard in The City for many years in the financial district, he now works for a Think Tank in parliament. The skills and experience he has learned in the past have helped the participants at GLFC, especially when it comes to time-keeping and good manners. Nigel has also learned from GLFC’s young people. The participants can be challenging, but using past experiences, and by watching and observing more experienced GLFC coaches, Nigel has gained an extra dimension to his teaching that has helped him working in the Peckham community.

Nigel’s enthusiasm and commitment is second to none, and GLFC and the participants appreciate and respect the voluntary hours he puts in. Thank you, Nigel.

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