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News Articles // Former GSFC player signed by Norwich FC

Former GSFC player signed by Norwich FC


Photo credit: Thabo Jaiyesimi

Former GSFC player and non-league star Diallang Jaiyesimi was snapped up earlier this month by Norwich City FC amid intense competition from other Premier League clubs.

Diallang spent seven years at Greenhouse Sports representing GSFC at various levels from U9 to U15, where he played in a quarter final of a London Cup game in the 2013/14 season. At around this time, he was selected to try out for Reading FC – aged 11 – while playing a cup match for Greenhouse Sports, and was instrumental in an U12 team that reached the London Cup Final in 2010/11.

Matthew Shobande – who was one of Diallang’s coaches – said: “We recognised he was talented and just made sure he continuously improved through encouragement and belief. Every coach that worked with him found him an absolute joy to work with.”

He continued: “As a young player, Diallang was very receptive to learning; he demonstrated the key fundamentals in what we look to develop in all of our participants within the STEP framework. He showed exceptional commitment towards improving as a young person on and off the pitch which is a testament to his parents who were always present at his games to support and encourage him.”

Diallang moved on from GSFC to Dulwich Hamlet FC at the age of 15 where he became captain. From there he was spotted by talent scouts from Norwich City FC.

Speaking about GSFC his Dad, who was delighted with the news, said: “The discipline was very good – he would wake up early in the morning because he had something to look forward to. It was a close community that helped steer him away from any negativity and there were a lot of the coaches were mentors which was good”.

On behalf of everyone at Greenhouse Sports FC, congratulations Diallang, and we wish you all the luck on the next chapter of your journey.



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