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News Articles // Former Greenhouse Sports student awarded top degree

Former Greenhouse Sports student awarded top degree

This week we are delighted to congratulate one of Greenhouse Sports’ first basketball students who recently graduated from the sports journalism programme at the University of Southampton. Nii Bruce Tagoe – a former pupil of Bacon’s College – was a member of London Greenhouse Giants, our first U14 national league team. He went on to play for the senior men’s team at the age of 14 seven years ago.

Greenhouse Sports interviewed Nii to find out more about how the basket ball programme changed his attitude to learning and opened his mind up to further opportunities.

GS: Did you ever imagine you would study sports journalism?

No I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would go to university, let alone do a sports journalism degree.

GS: Can you describe how you became interested in doing the course?

When I was in college my teacher noticed my passion and interest in sports. But he also saw that I could write. He encouraged me to think about it and to attend some open days. When I went to the open days I was sold and chose to do it. My coach gave me the belief and confidence that I could do it.

GS: What do you hope to do now that you have completed your studies?

Now that I have completed my degree I know what I want to be and that is a PE teacher. It took a while for me to finally know what I wanted to do so I am going back to university in September to complete my PGCE in teaching.

GS: How would you describe the impact Greenhouse Sports has had on your approach to your future?

Greenhouse Sports inspired me to go to university and get a degree when it’s not something I would have even thought about before.  Coach Krneta always voiced the importance of education to us and how powerful a weapon it is. With me doing sports journalism he was so proud of me choosing that and helped me grow my confidence by letting me do a few of my assignments on him and my former team mates.

GS: Thank you Nii, we look forward to hearing how you do in the future. All the best from Greenhouse Sports.



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