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Case Study: Meet Lobsang


When Lobsang, now 17, first moved to London from Nepal eight years ago, he was shy, uncomfortable speaking English, and considered himself an outsider. That all began to change when he met Greenhouse Sports coach Annie at his primary school table tennis club. She encouraged Lobsang to attend the breakfast club at our programme at Ernest Bevin College, and he
soon made many friends.

After joining Ernest Bevin College at age 11, Lobsang’s table tennis really took off. He won the gold medal for Under 15s in the Greater London Championships, won national titles in both Under 13 and Under 19 team categories of the English Schools’ Championships, and he has been ranked in the top 20 players in England for his age.

Lobsang told us about the impact Greenhouse Sports’ table tennis programme has had on his life. “Coach showed me what it means to be committed and table tennis became a very big part of my life. It has changed my character and taught me the value of hard work – it’s definitely rubbed off on my school work.”

Lobsang achieved nine A*s and three As in his GCSEs. The hours of hard work Lobsang has put into table tennis have raised his aspirations in sport and beyond. “People limit themselves too much. I want to come back a success, but I’ll never forget my roots.”

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