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In focus: Phoenix Secondary School

We have been running a multisports programme at Phoenix Secondary School in Tower Hamlets since 2011. The school aims to offer a positive, life-enhancing education for young people with severe language and communication difficulties whose needs lie within the within the autistic spectrum. By providing opportunities for Social, Thinking, Emotional and Physical (STEP) development, Greenhouse Sports’ Head Coach Rohan, who works full time at the school, helps his participants towards achieving a more fulfilling adult life.

Recently Coach Rohan has made fantastic progress with two 6th Form students who are both non-verbal and have severe learning disabilities. Following regular hydrotherapy sessions, both students have learned to float with assistance from a member of staff or with floating aids. “One of them has actually been able to tred water by herself!” said Coach Rohan. “I walked her to the point of the pool where her feet can no longer touch the ground and she began to tred water to keep herself afloat. It was a great moment.”

In support of the Tower Hamlets borough-wide initiative Healthy Lives, Coach Rohan has helped Phoenix Secondary School to attain the Healthy Lives Gold Standard award (which only six London schools have been awarded). Schools are rewarded for teaching children about healthy eating, physical activity, emotional health and wellbeing following similar development pillars to our own coaches.

“We look at their packed lunches and advise about healthier options as well as introducing them to a wide range of fruit and veg so they can try it,” said Coach Rohan. “We taught them about food groups, portion sizes and healthy eating habits. It’s been really fun helping the pupils explore food in a positive way. Staff members who took part in the sessions have actually overhauled their diets, too.”

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