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Greenhouse Sports makes a real difference to young lives 

We believe that every young person should have the opportunity to thrive. Our mission is to develop the social, thinking, emotional and physical (STEP) skills of young people in London’s inner-city communities through outstanding, intensive sports programmes delivered by inspirational coaches.

Through sport, we can also increase our young people’s commitment and attendance in the classroom, as well as reduce the risk of them developing a range of chronic physical and mental conditions.


Greenhouse Sports have a proven track record of improving the behaviour and attendance of our participants in mainstream secondary schools. Every day, Greenhouse Sports coaches work to tackle problems that lead to absenteeism and consequent underachievement.



In schools for pupils with special educational needs (SEN) – where the opportunity for physical activity can be limited – we also help people work towards independence, while, through our four community clubs, we expand the social and cultural horizons of young people from all backgrounds.

With your generous support we can continue to grow and expand our work within some of London’s most deserving communities.