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Fundraising tools and tips

We understand that fundraising can be difficult so to help you we have put together some handy tips and tools to support your fundraising efforts.

  • Become an early bird

Start your fundraising as soon as possible, the earlier you begin the more you can raise.

  • Ask others to help

Family members, friends, work colleagues, can all help you to reach your fundraising goal. Ask them to share your fundraising page on Facebook, Twitter and email.

  • Match giving

You may not be aware but many employers ‘match’ the funds that you raise as a donation, so ask you HR department.

  • Gift aid

If you are a UK taxpayer the value of your donation can increase by at least 25% under the Gift Aid scheme – at no extra cost to you! Please tick the box to join the Gift Aid Scheme, and ask your supporters to do the same.

  • Choose your approach

Consider the simplest way to ask for support. We suggest that you create a Virgin Money Giving or BT My Donate where your supporters can sponsor you online. This is easy, fast and effective. You can set up your page at:

  • Offline donations

If your supporters have agreed to donate offline, try getting the money prior to the event, often people can agree to donate but forget once you have completed the event.

  • Put your thinking cap on

There are many ways you can raise funds without asking for sponsorship, bake sales, coffee mornings, quiz nights, and dress down days in the office. Use your imagination and make the experience fun for all.

  • Get in touch

If you are worried about how to fundraise always remember the Greenhouse team are here to help, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Fundraising Checklist

To help keep you organised we  have put together a helpful fundraising checklist. Download it now!

If you  would like to know more about possible ways to fundraise, please give our friendly team a call today on 020 8600 9990 or email us at