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Fundraise at work

There are a whole host of ways to fundraise at work, here are a few age-old favorites to get you kicked off.

Hold a bake sale

Ask your colleagues to bake their best sweet offerings or bring in some money for you to purchase something on their behalf. This always works well on pay day. If you’re willing to be a little more creative you could hold themed sales such as a Parisian Breakfast with coffee and croissants with a variety of preserves. If you work in a big organisation with colleagues in other teams, challenge them to a cake off and see who can sell the most all in aid of charity!

Organise dress down friday

Check in with Facilities or your Office Manager if you can send a call out to your colleagues to take part in a Dress Down Friday in exchange for a donation?

Get an exercise bike in the office

As a sports charity, this is one of our favourite ideas. Why not hold a cycling or rowing relay – see how fast your colleagues can cycle from Paris to London? How fast can you row the Thames? Even the colleagues who don’t want to get sweaty can get involved by sponsoring you. Get fundraising