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Fundraise at school, college or university

There are lots of ways to get your friends fundraising with you in between those study sessions.

Fancy dress day

Everybody loves a bit of fancy dress day. Why not take it to the next level. Our Greenhouse Sports coaches are our heroes so in this spirit, why not get everyone to dress up as their favourite sports star?

Bake sale

You can’t go wrong with this fundraising favourite. Sell cakes and fruit at break times and lunchtimes.


Who knows what amazing talent is secretly in your midst. Host a talent show evening to entertain your friends and raise funds for Greenhouse Sports. Let your friends take centre stage by putting on a show and asking for a donation for parents and friends to come along and watch. If you have the extra time then you can organise for food and drink to be donated and use to proceeds to boost your fundraising total.

School fundraising

Is your school interested in raising funds for a great cause? Greenhouse Sports is happy to support you in your fundraising efforts, and we give you the opportunity to channel your funds to a specific partner school or one of our sport clubs. For example, you can sponsor a school that is located within your borough. We will provide you with regular updates on your sponsored school, and the programme’s coach could visit your school to talk about his or her work during an assembly.

Here are some ideas for fun events. Remember you can involve students, parents, teachers and the local community to help you raise funds!

  • Sports tournament
  • 5K run in a local park
  • Bake sale
  • Fancy dress day, or a no-uniform-day at school
  • Raffle of prizes donated by parents, teachers and local businesses
  • Car boot sale on the school grounds to which you can invite the local community
  • Quiz night for teams of parents or students. You can choose a specific theme such as science and add a challenge to the event such as building a car from a kit of materials
  • Food festival with food cooked by parents and teachers
  • Dance night, movie night, karaoke night or talent show
  • School play or school band performance, or a teachers’ panto