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Blogs // Recruitment // Day 5: Final day as ball crew for NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters

Day 5: Final day as ball crew for NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters

In the last blog of our series, our tennis participants at Clapton Girls Academy wrap up their experience at the NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters as ball crew. Read more about our partnership with the Tennis Foundation that made this possible. 


Today was awesome. We arrived ready to jump straight on court for the men’s finals! World and British no.1 Gordon Reid was taking on defending champ Gerard from Belgium. The match was gripping and resulted in a win for Gerard. Although we wanted Reid to win, we were still very proud as he achieved No.1 player in the world this week. We even got a team photo with him!

Our first performance was by far our best and we were extremely proud of ourselves.

For our second match, we opened for the Quad final which featured David Wagner and Itay Erenlib. It went well despite a few hiccups.

Our final match was the consolation match for the men’s quad, which included Kim and Lapthorne. This also went very smoothly following with a great win for GB Andy Lapthorne.

We got the chance to appear in three ceremonies and were congratulated by a very supportive crowd. We are honoured to have received this amazing opportunity of being members of the ball crew. Being on court with the world’s best wheelchair tennis players was incredible. We were all given a tennis ball used in the tournament as a final parting gift, which was very kind. We are also very thankful for all the volunteers’ time.

We really enjoyed our time here at the NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters. Thank you!