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Day 4: diary of the ball crew

Our tennis participants at Clapton Girls Academy continue their recaps of the NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters, following each day they participate as ball crew. Participants from Greenhouse Sports programmes at both Clapton Girls Academy and St. Paul’s Way Trust School both had the chance this year to train as ball crew for the international tournament. Read more about our partnership with the Tennis Foundation that made this possible. 


Today we were live on the BBC red button. It was really exciting to be on court for the semi finals.

Our first match, the men’s semifinal involved the GB no.1 and the World no.1. It was an inspiring match to watch and participate as ball crew for. We felt that we worked together well and managed to deal with the mistakes we made. Today the tickets were sold out so there was a large audience which made the match extra thrilling!

During our break we ate lunch, completed homework and played games.

Our second match featured Gerard from Belgium and Olsson from Sweden. We all felt we performed well in this match.

For the third match we were on court with two women- Kamiji from Japan and Buis from Holland. It was a tense semi final match and there were three sets. The outcome was a win for the Japanese player.

Today was one of our best days and we’re excited for an amazing final day tomorrow!