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Day 3: diary of the ball crew

Our blog series from our tennis participants continues today as Clapton Girls Academy recap Day 3 of the NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters. Participants on our tennis programmes at both Clapton Girls Academy and St. Paul’s Way Trust School both had the chance this year to train as ball crew for the international tournament. Read Part 1 and Part 2


Today was especially nerve-wracking as some of our friends came to watch us. However, we still cialis tous les jours managed to really enjoy being achat viagra internet on court with Gordon Reid, GB number one, for a second time. His match against Scheffers was exciting and we performed well.

Our friends were very supportive and it was fun playing all the mini tennis-related games with them during our break.

Our second and final match was a women’s match featuring Lucy Shuker from Great Britain. We were all very into the match as it was very tense. It was inspirational that Lucy Shuker didn’t give up until the end when she was unfortunately beaten by an amazing Dutch player, Jiske Griffioen, world no.1.

Our interest in the match was probably helped by meeting Lucy Shuker, who was really lovely! We still managed to perform well and it was one of our best matches. We’re looking forward to more intense matches over the weekend.